Official title of the project

Raspberry from Arilje “Ariljska malina”

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2011. Jan
Expected results
  • 200 farmers certificated with GLOBALG.A.P. by July 2011;
  • Mechanism established for monitoring and control of safe food production
  • Commercial links created for fresh fruit export markets in 5 countries

Municipality of Arilje


Municipalites Pozega; Municipality of Ivanjica; Municipality of Lucani; Bioagricoop-Bologne-Italy; Innovation center for Agriculture Arilje Ltd, RDA Zlatibor-Uzice,; Entrepreneur Association Arilje

Summary of the project

In Western Serbia the Arilje Raspberry is regional product. Arilje is known as the leading region in raspberry production in Serbia and beyond, in Europe. The overall economic decline and low investment led to the fruit production decrease in quantity and quality. The entire production was and is being exported at a low level of processing. The key problem for the local producers is lack of compliance with the requirements of EU regulations on food safety. This project is fully committed to supporting farmers, handlers and distributors to improve capacities, to produce and sell high-quality raspberries in compliance with health and safety standards. At the end of the project, 200 farmers in 20 farmers groups from the region of Arilje Raspberry will be trained and certified in GLOBALG.A.P. standards. Mechanism for monitoring and control in safe food production will be established and the fruit samples will be controlled at new laboratory for fruit analysis. Business contacts will be made and business cooperation will be established.

Programme/Project objectives

Increase the competitiveness of SMEs active in raspberry production and handling in Western Serbia

Specific objectives

  • Support 20SMEs active in the raspberry supply;
  • Meet the health and safety requirements according to EU legislation