Official title of the project

Through Training to Employment (TTE): New Modules Within the Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working Skills

Project information

Novi Sad, Ruma
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2013. Jul
Expected results
  • Equipped facilities for adult vocational training for deficit professions in Vojvodina,
  • Wider audience informed about the activities directed towards creating new employment opportunities,
  • Identified future needs of employers and investors for work force with certain skills in Vojvodina,
  • Unemployed people and people seeking for additional qualification trained and acquired skills for deficit jobs

Provincial Secretariat for Labour, Employment and Gender Equality, Novi Sad


Centre for Strategic Economic Studies “Vojvodina-CESS”, Serbia Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working skills,Serbia; Regional Development Agency Backa Ltd Novi Sad, Serbia; Regional Development Agency of Srem Ltd Ruma, Serbia; Regional Agency for socio-economic development-Banat Ltd, Serbia; Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina, Serbia; University of Novi Sad Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia; Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad,

Summary of the project

One of the mayor problems which threatens economic development and competitiveness of the region of Vojvodina is the discrepancy between the demands of companies for skilled labor force and supply of workforce that has necessary qualifications to answer the needs of the employers. Lack of skilled workers influences competitiveness of companies. Specific problem that is going to be addressed by the action is the lack of adequate training programs within institutions for non-formal adult education on the level of the Province of AP Vojvodina. Quality training services for the unemployed people will be provided in professions that have been identified by employers as deficit: locksmiths, welders, tinsmiths, masons, armature workers, carpenters, plasterers, dredgers, concrete workers, workers on high altitudes and car-washers (for people with disabilities).

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to creation of new employment opportunities in Vojvodina

Specific objectives

To contribute to harmonization of demand of companies for skilled workers and supply of adequately trained labor force.