Official title of the project

Serbia-EU Dialogue on Women Entrepreneurship: WE Create Opportunities and Solutions for WE in Serbia

Project information

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Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Jun
Expected results
  • Technical and management capacities of ABW are increased and membership numbers and services are expanded, thus directing its augmented numbers to advocate for issues related to women and entrepreneurship.
  • EU-Serbian cooperation is fostered through a civil society partnership based on mutual respect, understanding and exchange of information and experience, paving the way for a sustainable relationship and additional joint projects
  • EU-Serbian cooperation is nurtured among women entrepreneurs, eliminating the first hurdle in forging viable business relationships.
  • The Business Women’s Web Portal is created and utilized by women in Serbia to research opportunities for business partnerships and exchanges both locally and in the EU.
  • Sustainable partnerships with public sector agencies devoted to gender, employment and SME issues are established and this dialogue is extended beyond the scope of this project specifically as a result of the mecha

Women business owners; Women “would-be” entrepreneurs, Unemployed women; Professional organizations and CSOs devoted to women entrepreneurship; Government institutions devoted to gender, SMEs or employment issues; Small business owners (men and women)


jumpp-Frauenbetriebe (Frankfurt, Germany)

Summary of the project

Association of Business Women in Serbia (ABW) and jumpp-Frauenbetriebe from Frankfurt are both professional organizations dedicated to promoting women in business, and both partners will benefit from strengthening contacts and exchanging information mainly with the following activities: strategic planning, development of web portal, publication featuring business success stories of members of both partner organizations, implementing mentoring programs, and benchmark analysis of innovativeness of Serbian and German women business owners.

ABW will go through a strategic planning process under consultation with jumpp, which will work with ABW to develop a plan for expanding membership and member services for the purpose of intensifying its advocacy efforts on policies favorable for promoting the self-employment of women. The German partner team will travel to Serbia 2 times, and the Serbian management team will travel to Germany once, for a total of 3 face to face partnership building visits.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Business Women’s Web Portal in Serbia, which will be linked to the web portal developed by our partner in Germany in 2008, will create sustainable new networks between our organizations, among our members, and among business women who find their counterparts and potential business partners from Serbia and Germany by using the newly linked web portals. The web portal is a focal point of this Action and will be extensively promoted after the launch with a “road show” in 5 towns in Central, Western, Southern Serbia, as well as Vojvodina

Programme/Project objectives

The main objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation and reinforce long lasting ties between Serbia and the EU through the enhancement of a partnership between two civil society organizations which are engaged in supporting women entrepreneurship in Serbia and Germany. As a result of this strengthening of cooperation, we expect to provide the members, as well as future women entrepreneurs in Serbia, with required contacts and tools for establishing business exchanges.
Currently, there is a lack of government programs and measures in place to support the sustainability of women enterprises in Serbia, and many women turn to ABW with the general expectation that their membership will bring them the tools to help grow their companies. The number of members inquiring about opportunities for business exchanges with counterpar

Specific objectives

  • Upgrade the capacities of a Serbian professional organization which, in turn, expands its membership and member services for the purpose of intensifying its advocacy on policies favorable for promoting the self-employment of women.
  • Nurture the activities of partnership between like-minded civil society organizations in Serbia and the EU, with the aim to carry on the relationship beyond the scope of this Action.
  • Build up knowledge and understanding of EU business for women entrepreneurs in Serbia, with the aim that a mutual exchange of experiences will contribute toward greater opportunities for economic exchange in the future.
  • Create a specific innovative mechanism, i.e., a business women’s web portal – a platform for business exchanges, with the aim to give women entrepreneurs in Serbia and EU countries, as well as women’s professional organizations, an ongoing local and EU-wide channel for expanding their business contacts and exchanging idea