Official title of the project

Rasina District - Regional Water Supply Project

Project information

Region / City
Krusevac, Aleksandrovac, Cicevac, Varvarin, Trstenik, Paracin, Cuprija
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Mar - 2011. Sep
Expected results

The project implementation will provide healthy drinking water for over 250.000 inhabitants of the town of Kruševac and the municipalities of Aleksandrovac, Ćićevac, Varvarin and Trstenik, as well as the possibility to include parts of Paraćin and Ćuprija municipalities as well. Central regional drinking water treatment plant is located in Majdevo and raw water is supplied from the “Ćelije” reservoir on river Rasina.


Town of Kruševac and the municipalities of Aleksandrovac, Ćićevac, Varvarin, Trstenik, Paraćin and Ćuprija.


EU, National Investment Plan, Water Directorate, Town of Kruševac and Municipality Ćićevac

Summary of the project

The project consists of the following components:

  • Rehabilitation and capacity improvement of the regional drinking water treatment plant in Majdevo settlement from 650 l/sec to 1000 l/sec;
  • Construction of “Lipovac” 5000 m3 capacity reservoir for balancing of water transfer supply towards Krusevac and other downstream consumers;
  • Finalization of the transmission mains towards Ćićevac and Varvarin together with a 4000 m3 reservoir in Varvarin;
  • Significant improvement of Kruševac distribution system by constructing the main distribution pipeline DN500;
  • Implementation of the remote supervision project and the regional water supply system management.

Programme/Project objectives

  1. To create preconditions for provision of adequate drinking water supply for additional 75.000 people (in total 250.000) in municipalities of Kruševac, Aleksandrovac, Varvarin, Ćićevac, Trstenik, Ćuprija and Paraćin;
  2. To ensure continuous fulfi lment of national and EU standards of drinking water supply;
  3. To ensure safe, constant and long-term drinking water supply in these municipalities by improving the capacity and technological process of the drinking water treatment plant;
  4. To transfer (supply) the necessary amounts of quality drinking water to the above mentioned municipalities, taking into consideration full control of working parameters of the system and its balanced and secure operation;
  5. To improve population health care in the above mentioned municipalities;
  6. To create preconditions for economic and social sustainable development in the region.

Specific objectives

  1. Rehabilitation and extension of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Component A / Amount: € 6.100.000
  2. Water supply transfer and upgrade of the water supply distribution Component B / Amount: € 6.900.000
  3. Transmission Line to Ćićevac Transmission Line to Varvarin plus Varvarin reservoir Distribution system O 500 Civil works reservoir Lipovac
  4. Other elements
  5. Component C / Amount: 950.000