Official title of the project

Another milestone towards Youth Workers’ licensing

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Jun
Expected results
  • Built partnerships between Serbian and EU CSOs and institutions,
  • Created data base of Serbian and EU CSOs as a tool for future cooperation,
  • Serbian public actors educated in licensing of Youth Workers
  • Developed and adopted curricula and exam papers for Youth Workers
  • Social recognition of Youth Work vocation
  • Created recommendation for inclusion of Youth Workers into youth care network
  • -
  • Serbian CSOs, members of NAPOR association
  • -
  • Member organizations of YEU International
  • -
  • Representatives of: Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, National Employment Bureau, Ministry of Education, Republic Statistical Office, Universities, Province Secretariat for Sport and Youth
  • Youth Exchange Umbrella
  • Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU)
  • Associate: National Association of Youth Workers (Serbian acronym NAPOR)

Summary of the project

This project is focused on creating conditions for licensing of youth workers in Serbia which will be in line with the existing EU standards. Licensing provides assurance that a certain person has the competences necessary for performing their job. Within this project, the curricula for future youth workers will be created. For those who already have experience and skills in youth work, an exam paper will be defined. Completing this exam paper will be another way to obtain a youth workers’ licence. In order to make sure that our model is aligned with the existing EU models, representatives of Serbian Youth Work CSOs and relevant institutions (Ministry of Youth and Sport, Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth, Ministry of Education, National Employment Bureau, Republic Statistical Office and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy) learned about EU standards and examples of best practice in youth workers’ licensing. This took place through a study visit to Brussels and a training course delivered by EU experts in Serbia. Within the study visit, there was a workshop focused on developing future partnership between Serbian and EU CSOs.
The participants of these activities went into working groups on developing the curricula and the exam papers for Youth Workers and Youth Activists. The next task is to define the role, tasks and criteria for selection of the Qualification Board members, the body that will later be formed to manage the licensing process. The work on promotion of Youth Work vocation takes place simultaneously with these processes. In the final event in t

Programme/Project objectives

To enhance professionalization of youth work services in Serbia aligned with EU models of best practice Professionalization of youth work requires creation of sustainable structures in youth care network and quality assurance of Youth Work programs. This project is creating a platform for youth work professionalization in Serbia and creating new contacts with EU partners by a) establishing and strengthening sustainable partnership between Serbian and EU CSOs and government representatives in the field of Youth Work, (b) improving capacities of Serbian stakeholders in the field of Youth Work, as well as (c) by developing and promotion of mechanisms for Youth Workers licensing and accreditation.

Specific objectives

  • Strengthening ties between Serbian and EU Youth Work oriented CSOs and government representatives It is necessary to establish sustainable co-operation between government representatives and policy makers and relevant EU partners in order to allow for transfer of best practices from the EU countries.
  • Building capacities of principal public actors in Serbia in the field of Youth Work In order to ensure validation and recognition of Youth Workers, it is essential to build capacities of those who are in charge of the professionalization process. The most relevant stakeholders in this process are: CSOs delivering Youth Work programs, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Universities, Provincial secretariat for sport and youth, National Employment Bureau, Republic Statistical Office.
  • Promoting Youth Work profession and Youth Workers licensing in Serbia Social and institutional recognition of the Youth Workers depends on validation and acceptance from all relevant