Official title of the project

Subotica Waste Water Treatment plant rekostruction and exstension

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2007. Sep - 2009. Mar
Expected results

In the long run, the upgrade and extension of the waste water treatment plant, i.e. waste water treatment facility will solve the issue of the bioactive sludge surplus treatment along with stabilized safe disposal in line with the EU standards.


Municipality Subotica


EU / Municipality Subotica

Summary of the project

  • In the beginning of September 2006, the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) announced a call for bids submission for the sludge line project.
  • Bids for the sludge line: The Commission, established by the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) completed the tender evaluation on 22nd of January, 2007.
  • The contract was signed on March 30th, 2007 and came into force on April 5th 2007. The European Agency for Reconstruction agreed to finance the whole contract amount.
  • During 2006, in line with the Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 47/03 and 34/06) activities with respect to the documentation completion, permitting and agreements essential for obtaining the approval for facility construction were completed.
  • All documents being provided, the Provincial Secretariat for Architecture, Urbanism and Construction of Novi Sad released the approval for construction on September 8th, 2006.
  • The preparatory works on the construction site were commenced on the 5th of July, 2007.
  • The construction works on the facility were commenced on the 20th of September, 2007.

Programme/Project objectives

  1. Bioactive sludge surplus treatment in line with the EU standards;
  2. Energy efficiency increase of the waste water treatment system;
  3. Safe and modern bioactive sludge surplus treatment;
  4. Protection and improvement of the soil, air and surface water quality.

Specific objectives

On behalf of the Donor, the Delegation of the European Union (EUD), Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme (MISP) carried out the project implementation supervision and was accountable for complying with the donors requests. The construction works were completed according to contract in March 2009. Since then testing and checking have been done by the Supervisor and the Investor, and Technical Acceptance is currently being organized. The Provisional Acceptance Certificate will be issued in June 2010.