Official title of the project

Subotica Waste Water Treatment plant upgrede and exstension

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2007. Sep - 2009. Mar
Expected results

The capacity increase from 27.000 m3/per day to 36.000 m3/per day and in the rainy period to 72.000 m3/per day.


Municipality Subotica


EU / Municipality Subotica, Italian government, EBRD, Public Water Management Company Vode Vojvodine

Summary of the project

The upgrade and extension of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, i.e. waste water treatment facility, will solve the issue of the waste water treatment in the Subotica municipality in the long run. The services of waste waters drainage and treatment in large scope would contribute to protection of water resources decreasing on the annual level, whereas the new technology implementation for the waste water treatment will ensure higher environmental protection degree, especially of the Palić and Ludaš lakes ecosystems. The construction works on the waste water treatment facility were commenced on the 20th September, 2007. Notes: The construction works supervision has been entrusted to the IRD consultant from Italy. The supervision was implemented in line with the FIDIC contract terms and has been financially supported by the Italian government grant. A 24-month construction works period was planned. On behalf of the Donor, the Delegation of the European Union (EUD), Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme (MISP) will carry out the project implementation supervision and will be accountable for complying with the donor’s requests. The construction works were completed according to contract in March 2009. Since then testing and checking have been done by the Supervisor and the Investor, and Technical Acceptance is currently being organized. The Provisional Acceptance Certificate will be issued in June 2010.

Programme/Project objectives

  • The waste water treatment plant capacity increase.
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus reduction in line with the EU Directives.
  • Safe and modern bioactive sludge surplus treatment.
  • Quality protection and improvement of Palić Lake.

Specific objectives

The project comprises two separate contracts on different financial sources:

  1. The funds for the Waste Water Treatment Plant were allocated within the municipal budget and the loan released by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  2. Apart from the EU contribution, the municipality of Subotica allocated its own funds for the sludge line.