Official title of the project

Assistance to Regional Development Policy at National Level

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Oct - 2013. Apr
Expected results

Related to Component 1: Policy formulation

  • Increased institutional capacity of the MoERD - and other relevant stakeholders, if consistent with EU accession requirements - for support to integrated regional development;
  • Increased understanding among main government actors involved in regional development policy formulation of EU standard regional development policies and concepts;
  • Relevant regional development policies formulated in line with EU best practice;
  • Increased effectiveness of Serbian development policy.

Related to Component 2: Development management

  • Regional development management systems and procedures created and implemented in line with accepted EU good governance and best practice methods;
  • Strengthened institutional capacity for effective use of national funds for regional development;
  • Increased capacity to collect and analyse relevant statistics in relation to the regional development;
  • Increased efficiency of development management.
  • Related to Component 3: Coordination and Integration
    • Improved coordination between the MoERD, other relevant ministries and national institutions, sub-national bodies, and donors;
    • Higher level consistency among formulated development policies and their delivery mechanisms in Serbia, including IPA Component III&IV.

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development


National Agency for Regional Development, Serbian European Integration Office, National Council for Regional Development, Regional Development Councils

Summary of the project

Given major, growing disparities in socio-economic development at both regional and local level in Serbia, fostering balanced regional development has become an important priority for Serbian government. Several actions have already been taken over the last years to stimulate regional development (establish Law on Regional Development and related by-laws, setting up institutions, create new instruments, etc.) As a follow-up to the actions already taken, the RegPol-project will provide assistance in elaborating a consistent framework of policy documents, and developing institutional capacity and management systems and tools for domestic regional policy in Serbia. This framework will be aligned as much as possible with sectoral and regional development strategies, and EU-operational programmes for socio-economic development in Serbia.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the RegPol-project is to assist in the creation of a balanced regional development in Serbia.

Specific objectives

The specific purpose of the project is twofold:

  • to increase the capacity at national level to plan and implement integrated regional development, and

  • to contribute to a more effective and transparent planning and spending of Serbian funds for development. In achieving these goals the intention is to align the domestic regional policy as much as possible with EU-Cohesion policy.

Providing assistance in elaborating a consistent framework of Regional Development policy documents, instruments and processes is a key objective of the RegPol-project. The project will support the process of drafting a new National Plan for Regional Development and Development Strategies per NUTS2 region, and also provide assistance in establishing the accompanying Programmes for Funding Development of Regions.